Rails and node.js

Is this really a battle for the best web development tool or something else?

About Startup teams

Some personal stories of my failed attempts to be on a startup team

My dev box, why I like it and some useful commands

My dev box, why I like it and some useful commands on ubuntu and what they do.

Steve Jobs and other role models

My thoughts on how important is to admire specific characteristics of someone's personality

Cache is almost always the problem

Remember to always clear cache when something is very strangely wrong

Start loving assets pipeline and rails 4

Some basic reminders about assets compilation.

Haml comments

Different comments in haml, I forget them all the time.

My first interview

My first interview about startups and the travel we had in San Francisco.

Rails numericality validation trick

Why having numericality with allow_blank and presence true at the same time? Read this article fo find out a simple trick.

Some info about the blog

the reasons I have created this blog.