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Hello! My name is John Deliyiannis, a passionate software engineer hailing from the beautiful Greece.

My journey into web application development began in 2006. Throughout the years, my affinity for Ruby on Rails has deepened, especially since I started working with it in 2009. While I've dabbled with various JavaScript frameworks like Angular, Ember.js, and React, my recent endeavors have been centered around integrating Hotwire with Rails applications for a more modern, dynamic user experience.

My academic background is rooted in the ATEI of Piraeus, where I majored in Electronics Computer Systems. During those years, I delved deep into hardware and even tinkered with assembly, leading to exciting projects like a battle-bot and a vehicle controlled via Android's accelerometer.

For a glimpse into my software projects, feel free to explore my GitHub. If you're curious about my professional journey, LinkedIn has all the details.

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