Next projects

Lately I was developing an eshop for my father. It is on, it's only in greek and you may struggle to understand a thing. I learnt a lot about UX from the whole process, I read many articles about the best practices for ecommerce and the research in this field is really huge! But most of eshops I see don't follow best practices. I will write in the future blog post some difficulties regarding the features and the UX, how I am handling them and which were my resources.

My next project will be a game which I have started creating with some friends. We almost released it but due to some other obligations they don't have time, so I will finish it. It's a web-mobile game, we almost finished the API and the android version and I think it will be a nice addition to do it for iOS as well.

I am using RSS a lot but I don't have a decent RSS reader. I want to create one app for gathering all the information I am consuming from the web into one place. My initial thoughts are to create something where I'll connect facebook, twitter, google+, youtube and all the RSS I currently have and then make all this information extremely easy to find and categorize.

I am going to use ember and to make it simple I am going to separate the frontend from the backend. I am thinking of making them totally different apps, I want to use Yeoman for the frontend and see how it goes. Take a look at this repo which I started creating in the past but I left it incomplete.

This post is a "contract to myself" for my toy projects and hopefully I'll write about them when accomplished.

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