Predictions 2022

I decided to do a prediction for 2022 post just to see how far I'll be in one year from now

My must-have ruby resources to keep yourself updated

What I am doing to follow up the changes of ruby and ruby on rails

A ruby on rails custom ecommerce I maintain from 2013

I am showcasing a ruby on rails site which started at rails 3.1

Simple ruby parser

A simple parser and how it works with faraday and nokogiri

Random memes

New year, new memes

My favorite book for 2021

Humankind, a hopeful history is my favorite read for 2021

Let's talk about weird Interviews (part one of many)

In these post series I am going to describe some of my bad interview experiences

Crypto DCA with ruby in Binance and Kraken

How can you automate the DCA with ruby to Binance and Kraken

Dollar cost average with ruby on historical data

Dollar Cost Average vs Go all-in and Hold on historical data.

Creating facebook tabs automatically with graph API

The theory for facebook tab creation automatically and how it can be achieved.