Export brief of an article with scala

A friend of mine, skmp discovered a great tool for automatically create brief of an article. The name of the service is TextTeaser. Try it out right now, open your browser console and copy/paste the following script: It will generate a brief of this article. As you can see from the script, it has been specified the title and the text class that we want to use. You can also visit the TextTeaser site, copy/paste your article and see it on your own articles. It usually takes 3-5 minutes if you do it through the site.

How can you setup your own server and do the above, instead of visiting the site? Just git clone the repository, follow the setup instructions and let the magic happen! Oh, by the way the sbt (scala and java build tool, abbreviation of simple build tool...) was a bit slow, it took about 20 seconds to compile the above so be patient (and no, it isn't an abbreviation of slow build tool). TextTeaser is a pretty neat way to summarize an article, I hope to be trained for more languages and you can add it to automatically create your summarizations. Some times the result isn't the best (as in this article) but in some other articles, it does an awesome job (try it on this article).

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