Quick ruby tip: Interview simple question

We examine a simple question regarding ruby and how to write efficient code

Quick tip: Docker compose network with docker port binding

Not a secret but a common network issue to look when you setup a new project

Predictions 2022

I decided to do a prediction for 2022 post just to see how far I'll be in one year from now

My must-have ruby resources to keep yourself updated

What I am doing to follow up the changes of ruby and ruby on rails

A ruby on rails custom ecommerce I maintain from 2013

I am showcasing a ruby on rails site which started at rails 3.1

Simple ruby parser

A simple parser and how it works with faraday and nokogiri

Random memes

New year, new memes

My favorite book for 2021

Humankind, a hopeful history is my favorite read for 2021

Let's talk about weird Interviews (part one of many)

In these post series I am going to describe some of my bad interview experiences

Crypto DCA with ruby in Binance and Kraken

How can you automate the DCA with ruby to Binance and Kraken