Key precautions to protect your background jobs and ensure a smooth application update.
Master chess openings with a drill plaform, designed for enthusiasts to practice and hone their skills. Upload custom PGNs, convert them into chess opening trees, and challenge yourself against a computerized opponent. Tailored for personal use, it's an MVP solution to a common chess challenge. Dive in and share your feedback!
Unraveling the subtle differences between combined and separated where.not clauses in Rails. How a small difference can lead to significant outcomes.
I am describing two production error bugs that we recently encountered and the path to solve them
What I am doing to follow up the changes of ruby and ruby on rails
A simple parser and how it works with faraday and nokogiri
Most famous web framework
My point of view regarding ember at the current stage
My way of bookmarking things on the internet.
I've written a simple realtime web chat just for fun with
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