Simple web chat with node.js and websockets

I've written a simple realtime web chat just for fun with

acts-as-taggable-on gem, version 3.2.1 has a nasty bug

Be careful if you are using acts-as-taggable-on gem

The ideal startup team

Which are the roles a startup should have?

Simple site monitoring

One really simple ruby script to check if your site is up or not

Next projects

What am I going to do and write about in the future

Strong parameters and arrays

How should you handle the association ids with strong parameters?

Uniqueness validation and rails

Look out this default behavior of rails, before you do any really bad mistake and you have two same records.

Ember.js vs Angular.js

Why I prefer ember.js from angular.js

Automate sprite creation with compass

A simple way for creating automatically sprites with compass. Guide for a rails 4+ app with assets pipeline

The role of the university

The role of the university and what how much it affects you in what you know