Predictions 2022

I decided to do a prediction for 2022 post just to see how far I'll be in one year from now

A ruby on rails custom ecommerce I maintain from 2013

I am showcasing a ruby on rails site which started at rails 3.1

Random memes

New year, new memes

My favorite book for 2021

Humankind, a hopeful history is my favorite read for 2021

Most jobs based on backend framework

Most famous web framework

Ember, ember-cli and its future

My point of view regarding ember at the current stage

The ideal startup team

Which are the roles a startup should have?

The role of the university

The role of the university and what how much it affects you in what you know

A book for rails engines

I took in my hands today my new book, crafting rails 4 applications

How the recruiting process distinguishes a successful company

My experience so far and what you should look at as a company or as a candidate