Dive into the intricacies of achieving and maintaining mastery in chess, drawing parallels with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the universal principle of consistent practice.
Discover two summer projects: Daily Academia for tracking papers, and Couch Potatoes for group movie selection.
In this blog post, I will share my findings and hands-on experiences with wearables in 2023
A personal basic analysis and comparison of the latest Chat-GPT versions, focusing on their answer accuracy to better understand their performance in AI-driven communication
The results from the predictions I did at 2022, a year ago
My observations about chatgpt
Some nice to have parts to do when you have a mobile app which uses the endpoints from a web service
Redis, heroku render and the rest
A client asked for a fixed price, is it possible?
I started writing daily in a private diary and why I think it is a good idea everyone to do it
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