My must-have ruby resources to keep yourself updated

Video paid content

Ok I'll start with my ritual. Every week I am watching Drifting Ruby and GoRails. Both of these sites have ruby on rails related paid content and every week they are releasing a new video. If it something that I know or not interested, I just put it on x2 and watch it fast forward.

Drifting Ruby (David Kimura) for me is like the continuation of Ryan Bates (railscasts). It has extremely useful and must have content for ruby on rails and sometimes when I see something interesting I also try to implement it myself after the video. If I could do only one thing per week, I would watch Drifting Ruby.

Go Rails (Chris Oliver) has also very useful and more popular content. In my opinion I think it is more newbie-friendly and it has more javascript topics. It is also a must-see every week.
Both of these sites also have very active communities where you can ask things related to the topics of each video.

Ruby newsletters

Next stop I will mention some useful newsletters: All of them have great resources about what is happening around ruby, rails and hotwire. If you have some extra time, dig deeper and read articles and try the examples.
Of course there are also other related topics for newsletter like Ruby weekly for other languages. Try searching for javascript weekly etc. to get an idea.

Discord channels related to ruby

Let's talk about direct community and specifically discord channels. There are three discord servers focusing on ruby and rails that I know:
  • Ruby
  • GoRails
  • stimulus_reflex
They are great places to interact with other like-minded engineers.

A note regarding specific blogs

On my daily ritual I am fetching the RSS and reading the titles of more than 100+ sites. After you do that for a while, you will be able to finish it in 15 minutes and you will have gathered what is useful and what isn't. I will write another blog post about my favorite ruby resources websites, github repositories and twitter accounts but I'd like to give space for two very good resources: ThoughtBot and Shopify.

Book publishers

Let's talk about favorite book publishers. My favorite books are coming from Pragmatic Programmers. They have a lot of awesome ruby related books and every book I have read from them have great quality.
Other publishers where you can check are: In a later blog post I may go through specific books that I particularly liked.

Video and youtube channels

Ok let's go now on video content. I know that many and for different reasons are hating Udemy and indeed if you see ruby related content there aren't enough there. But still you can find some nice videos so I would say give it a go.

And finally I am going to mention some of my favorite youtube channels. They aren't all ruby specific but I enjoy watching them when they have an interesting topic.

Drop me an email if you read it so far and send me your favorite learning resource. Happy watching and reading!
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