Should I write only for programming? (some random things about me)

This year I decided to start writing again more often in this place. I was in a dilemma if I should write only for programming or not. Even though my main interest and job are computer-related (my screen time the last year according to my mac is 6-14 hours per day) I also have more interests. You don't believe me? Ok here is a list of things I have done to know me better:
  • I am married for almost three years and I have a beautiful daughter as of this writing. Having a kid changed a lot the way I am thinking but this is something for another post
  • I was doing martial arts for 15 years. I participated in some competition matches in sanda, muay thai and brazilian jiu jitsu and I was also a muay thai referee
  • I was very close to lose my sight due to martial arts. I haven't told that to many people but fortunately everything went well and very few people know it
  • I have done skydiving, bunjee jumping, paragliding and I have an open water first level certificate as a scuba diver
  • I am the owner of a trampoline / aerial acrobatics club in Athens. I was doing almost 6 years of aerial silks, I have also participated in three theater perfomances and they have tried multiple times to convince me to participate in TV shows
  • I was the teacher for some of the acrobatic classes, I am doing trampoline for fun and I am the owner of an olympic ultimate trampoline because I love it
  • I used to play chess a lot as a kid, most of my best friends are really good chess players and I really enjoy the game and the history of it. I still rarely play in competitions
I'll stop here with the list with unrelated of programming things I have done. I am a programmer and I love programming, in fact I don't think I will ever stop creating things with it. But still I like something I read on the book Steal like an artist: You need to create with your body, not only with your mind. Neurologically these two kind of creations are very different and they are complementary. What do you think?
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