VR and the future of virtual worlds

I recently acquired an oculus quest 2. Oculus is a VR device from facebook (META) with a bit less than 80% of total VR sales for 2021. I bought it so I can find a motivation and a more interesting way to do a workout and move a bit more. I have it almost a month now and I can say it works so far. But other than that, it immediately gave me the "wow" feeling of something big is here. It seems VRs are currently in the early age but I can see so much potential here as a developer.

I remember going into a shopping center 20 years ago and having my first VR experience. Of course back then everything were bad compared to our age. But still it was impressive. After this experience, I was waiting how this is going to involve. Still little progress were don't in the next decade or even 15 years. But I predict that the next decade will be different on this field. New VR devices are coming every year and bring new innovations. This year PSVR2 has been announced, bringing new things on the table and luckily next year we will have oculus 3.

I don't know if it will come from facebook-meta (nobody believes meta as it hasn't introduced something really innovative for a long time), from sony or even from apple. There are two big schools, one is the wired where playstation is doing the hard work and the other is the most free way of wireless but the VRs need to do the processing. It's been a debate if the wire is a problem and if the wireless version can deliver great games and experiences as we will see in the PSVR2. One restriction is the sensors, I'd like to see more sensors even if they are sold seperately or even a suite of sensors :D . It will be crazy to wear a sharpshooter costume and have your actual 3D model in the virtual world.

I am really excited about this field, I am going to develop some toy apps to explore it. If you haven't tried VRs, I highly recommend you to take a look. I am going to write an article with apps I have tried and my experience on VR in another post.
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