About ChatGPT


OpenAI has developed a highly successful chatbot AI that is able to handle a wide range of situations. It is considered a major achievement in the field, setting a new standard for chatbot AI technology.

Replacing programmers

From my testing, it seems that the chatbot AI is able to provide good recommendations for technical questions, but it struggles with more advanced technical concepts. Additionally, it may not exhibit the "common sense" approach that a human programmer would take. While I am still not convinced that it is better than copilot, I've noticed that it can provide better and more successful results in some cases.

Where it really shines

the most successful tests with Chatbot AI is at generating text for web content, contracts, and academic work. In these cases, it may be difficult to tell that the text was generated by a machine. It also provides excellent advice as a psychologist for difficult problems. This demonstrates the chatbot AI's versatility and ability to handle a wide range of tasks. It is impressive that it can generate high-quality text and provide helpful advice for such a range of topics.

Where it needs improvements

One of the main drawbacks of the chatbot AI is that it does not provide a clear recommendation between two options, even if one is clearly superior. Instead, it simply presents the facts and leaves the decision up to the user. This can be frustrating if you are seeking a clear recommendation. In addition, the chatbot AI's translation capabilities are not always accurate, despite its efforts to produce good results in other languages. Furthermore, the chatbot AI has been "nurfed down" from its earlier versions and may not provide answers if certain words are included in the question. These limitations are important to be aware of when using the chatbot AI.


The chatbot AI technology represents a significant advancement and has the potential to be very helpful for a variety of tasks. While it is unlikely to completely replace search engines like Google, the prospect of connecting it to the internet and the latest searches is exciting. While it is not likely to replace programmers, it has the potential to greatly improve productivity if used correctly. Overall, the chatbot AI is an impressive technology that is worth considering for those looking to increase efficiency and streamline their workflow. I would certainly consider buying when it will be available!
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