Chess opening drills project

During the early stages of a chess game, specifically the openings, I repeatedly found myself caught off-guard, ensnared in unforeseen traps. This consistent challenge reminded me of martial arts, where continuous drills are essential for embedding specific moves. I began to believe that a similar approach could be applied to master chess openings. This belief inspired the creation of a specialized chess opening drill platform.

I imagined a platform where users could seamlessly upload their tailored chess opening trees in PGN format. Once uploaded, they could hone their skills against a computer, which would simulate moves from the opposing color based on the uploaded opening. The computer would randomize its moves from the provided tree, challenging the user to respond with the correct countermove.

This platform was born out of personal necessity. Initially crafted for my own benefit and its minimalistic and straightforward UI might seem rudimentary. However, I believe that numerous chess enthusiasts face comparable obstacles during the early stages of the game. At its core, this platform remains a basic MVP crafted with my needs in mind.

So let's jump to the app:

  • Begin by uploading your PGN at
  • Then click the process button to transform PGN into a chess opening tree.
  • Click the convert to chess opening.
  • Head over to to commence your practice sessions.
  • Visualize the moves from your PGN, and feel free to add, modify, or delete lines as you see fit with the edit.

Again, this is just an MVP for personal use. I found it a valuable tool for myself and I hope you too. So, dive into this platform and immerse yourself in the world of chess openings. I eagerly await your feedback. Would you find this tool beneficial? Are you inclined to use it if it had a more polished interface?

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