Summer Side Projects: From Academic Insights to Movie Nights

In Greece, July and August often usher in a more relaxed pace, as many take vacations and find time for leisure. This summer, I too found some time to indulge in side projects that I’m excited to share with you.

Daily Academia

The first creation I want to introduce is Daily Academia. The idea was born from a simple need: instead of manually scouring arXiv for the latest academic papers, why not have them delivered straight to your inbox? While arXiv's RSS feed is helpful, it lacks functionalities like adding or removing keywords and setting specific categories or authors. So, with the excitement of the trending component LK-99 in mind and a dear astrophysicist friend’s interests at heart, I created this app. It even translates dense academic language into more digestible summaries, courtesy of a handy LLM. Give it a try; it's free, and I think you'll find it intriguing.

Couch Potatoes

Next up is a fun solution to a common dilemma: Couch Potatoes. How often have you and your friends spent ages trying to pick a movie that no one has seen, and everyone wants to watch? My friend and I certainly have, and that's why we developed this app. You select your preferences, such as genre, rating, and year, then start marking movies. Once everyone has chimed in, the app reveals the common matches. It's a neat tool that's brought more movies and less debate to our gatherings. It's free and designed for fellow movie enthusiasts.

Other private mini-apps

Besides these, I have a personal app where I compile various interests of mine, like VO2max calculators based on my wearable's metrics, customized expense tracking, and more. If there's interest, I might even write about these features and publish them for others to explore.
So, what's your take on these applications? Are you intrigued by any of them? Do you have suggestions or want additional features? Feel free to drop me an email. I'm all ears and would love to chat about it.
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