Exploring Mobile Development with AstroMobile

I'd like to introduce you to AstroMobile, a quiz game I've been working on. It offers multiple-choice questions around astronomy, a competitive leaderboard, and is accessible on Android, iPhone, and even directly on the web. Developed using React-Native and WebView, AstroMobile was an exploration into performance and cross-platform consistency.
It's been a rewarding journey creating it and I'm also considering adding a couple of new features and possibly expanding the language options.
For fellow developers thinking of launching their own apps, a piece of advice: Apple's review process proved more rigorous. It's worth starting there, refining your app, and then transitioning to the more lenient Android.
Give AstroMobile a whirl here. As I gear up for a more intricate game project, your insights on this one would be invaluable.
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