Some info about the blog

Well this is my first blog and I am going to explain what I am going to write in here (I am writing this basically for later reference).

Programming Reference

My main goal is to keep some nice simple tricks that I found every now and then about rails and I forget them after a while. So I've decided instead of just adding them in github, keeping docs in google docs with all the details etc., just to have my place where I am going to store them and retrieve or search them every time as I want.

Tell my opinion

Well, sometimes I feel that I have to write some of my thoughts and come back later just to see if I have changed my mind as the time pass. Why am I doing it in public? I think it is nice to share them with people who may like to read them and why not, comment and exchange opinions.

Keep record of stories

Some lifetime stories that I have and I may want to recall how I felt about.

Other reasons

I hope to learn to write better in English because it isn't my native language. Another reason is I'll have a place on the internet as a reference when somebody want to learn more about me. I am thinking of writing in both languages (greek and english). If you want to filter my posts by language, just check the appropriate tag.

Well, now that I am seeing my first post, isn't all these the general reasons someone have blog anyway? So let me try to innovate! Because I love ruby on rails, I created my own blog platform for this, you can find it on github. I'd love to exchange suggestions with other rails developers about this code, so feel free to send me a message.

Max one mail per week.