League of Legends simple parser

Intro about what is lol

I started exploring lol, a game which has million of fans and I found many nice gamification concepts. Anyway, I wanted to have some basic sorting on heroes statistics, I am totally noob and I don't plan to become an expert in the game, just for curiosity I wanted to see.

The concept of what I want to achieve

So, what I wanted to find? Every hero has some basics stats like: attack, defense, magic and the difficulty of it. I wanted to find somewhere to sort by stat, calculate the amount of the stats and see how much they affect the effectiveness of the character. Surprisingly, there isn't much information to fetch it easily, but hopefully I found this json (even though it is a bit old I think, it is mostly the right info... I don't remember where I find it so I upload it again).

Time for fun! Ruby script

I transfer the file championFull.json to my local server (it is inside the tar.gz file above), I created a basic mysql table for storing each hero and the stats and I ran the following script: I am storing the above abilities and the total amount in a column which is called power. So here it is the mysql dump file. So now you can sort the heroes based on their abilities, based on the total amount of their powers and based on the difficulty. The dump file is in greek language but inside the tar.gz there is also in many more languages. Hope you like it this simple example and play a bit. There are other info about items etc. as well where you can play with. I don't know how important they are because I don't know the game, but it was fun doing it.

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