DB Backup with a simple ruby script

A simple script for saving every week your db and storing it on S3 and on your email

Ember, ember-cli and its future

My point of view regarding ember at the current stage

Freeze - A rails rss reader

My way of bookmarking things on the internet.

Desktop like app with node-webkit

I wanted to create a basic desktop like app with html/css/js for windows

Static ip on ubuntu and small tip

A small tip for having correctly static ip on ubuntu

Simple web chat with node.js and websockets

I've written a simple realtime web chat just for fun with socket.io

acts-as-taggable-on gem, version 3.2.1 has a nasty bug

Be careful if you are using acts-as-taggable-on gem

The ideal startup team

Which are the roles a startup should have?

Next projects

What am I going to do and write about in the future

Simple site monitoring

One really simple ruby script to check if your site is up or not